Meal Planning | Reflections of a Boss

Meal Planning | Reflections of a Boss

 I should probably be sleeping, but i'm so excited I had to blog about this breakthrough:

I finished my 2-week meal prep!  First time doing it with the incorporation of multiple prepped-to-freezer meals.  Next time my goal is to time myself to see if I can  be a little bit more efficient.  Anyway, you may be wondering why in the hell someone would want to plan that many meals at once.  

Well... for me, the following reasons are pretty constant at this stage in life:

1. Cooking more at home is generally healthier and more cost effective.  It also makes going out to eat more of a treat than a standard.  

2. Now that I drive a little bit more to/from work, it really helps to have things prepped so dinner isn't a hassle for us at home.  Also cuts down on the urge to just "pick something up on the way home" or ordering in because you don't feel like cooking after a long day.

3. It's internship season at work.  All my career development/higher ed friends know what that means.  My life = chaos, when students are in chaos. Planning helps me de-stress and de-clutter the parts of life I have control over, so I can actually enjoy each day and the people that are in it.

4. Meal prep helps with portion control for the weightloss goals that I have.  Especially for lunch and snacks during the work week.  Last week, someone told me about the little ziplock baggies that have measurements marked on them - you can find them at Walmart - blew my whole mind, and I just prepped fruit servings for the week! Woooooop.  

5. Meal planning drives grocery spending (making it more responsible and less impulse-driven), AND it helps me ensure that I actually eat enough throughout the day.  Cutting portions doesn't mean eat less times - I actually eat more times during the day, but incorporate healthy snacks, even more water than before, and I start my day with breakfast.  I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast when I don't plan.................   so now i'm less hangry.

Although i've been meal planning for awhile now, today I took it to another level in planning and pre-execution/prep.  I am excited about how much time and peace of mind this will afford me over the next two weeks.  

What are your best practices for meal prep?  Share in the comments below!

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