The Purpose Process: Finding Meaning Through Work (A Webinar)

The Purpose Process: Finding Meaning Through Work (A Webinar)


Do you find yourself feeling stuck at work? Unsure if you are on the path to a purpose-filled career? Do you find yourself asking, "How does this work tie to my personal mission on earth?" If any of this sounds familiar, this webinar session is for YOU.

Often, it may feel as if you are spinning your wheels as you look for all of the stars to align in your day-to-day professional life and "make sense." You may have spent your college years chasing your passion - and now are questioning whether or not you will ever find it. 

Join Dr. Allison McWilliams and Tiffany Waddell Tate for a webinar designed to help you unpack meaning and purpose in your everyday work. Together, we'll consider what the research says about meaning, purpose, and engagement at work - and how you can increase your sense of agency over designing a life of meaning --- wherever you are. 

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